About Us

The Shire Futures' Project is community focussed, looking to review and improve areas like business, education, sport, welfare and the arts. The people of the Shire have a history to be proud of and the Shire Futures' Project aims to make the present and future of the area sustainable, even prosperous. Residents of all ages will be invited to have their say through planned youth councils, peak bodies, various committees and other community engagement initiatives.
The Sutherland Shire is a unique area of Sydney bordered by national parks and beautiful beaches.

The 220,000 strong community is traditionally motivated, proud and keen to keep their area a thriving hub. The Shire Futures' Project is about building up the brand of the Sutherland Shire, promoting truths and engaging with these residents.
The Shire Futures' Project has set out specific shirt and long-term goals in areas which are important to the future of the Shire to ensure that the region is prepared for the challenges of the future. An increasing population and a change in the age, ethnic and working profiles of the community means that many varied targets have been set.