Arts, Culture and Entertainment

Chair: Johnny Pace

The Shire Futures' Project wants to bring culture to the community in multiple forms, including film and music festivals, talent quests, theatre and Indigenous art. The Shire’s diverse community will have access to annual events or permanent structures which will cater to school-aged children, people with disabilities, the Indigenous community, theatre buffs and lovers of good food & wine. Initiatives for the Shire’s cultural development include short term and future-focussed plans.

Entertainment would be community-focussed and the following ideas are being proposed:

Short Term:
  • Develop a calendar of community activities including film festivals, talent quests, food and music festivals and art & theatre events.
  • Plan and implement agreed events:
  1. Yes I Can Talent Quest: This is a quest being organised that will enable people with a disability within NSW to show their talents and abilities. All heats and finals will be conducted in The Shire. There have been detailed discussions with NSW Government at Ministerial level as well as at Department level. These discussions have led to support for the concept to be developed with funding support to be derived from Corporate Sponsorship. A fully detailed Business Case & Plan has been developed. Meetings have also been held with the peak body for Disabilities within NSW, Accessible Arts, and they are very supportive of the quest and will provide assistance in the areas of marketing, promotion, project guidance and talent sourcing. Our next phase is the submission of our Business Plan to potential sponsors
  2. Film Festival: After discussions with the Board of the Cronulla Spring Fair Festival this event will be part of the 2015 Festival and ongoing discussions will continue
  3. Food, Wine & Music Festival: After discussions with Council, a Working Party has been formed that comprises local Shire based Chambers of Commerce, Council and members of The Shire Futures' Project Inc. There will be events held over the period 13. 14 & 15 May 2016 that will be spread across The Shire at 6 locations. Each area will develop a program consistent with the overall theme of Food, Wine & Music. The members of the Working Party are currently assessing the types of activities that each Chamber will conduct and finalising on the name of the Festival. It is planned to develop the use of social media in the promotion of these events
  • Introduce an annual Australia Day Picnic event at Kurnell National Park with the theme of ‘Respect’ to include food and entertainment
Long Term Vision Aims:
  • The Kurnell Redevelopment Plan: We will be represented on the Cook 2020 Taskforce that is looking at developments for Kurnell for the 250th anniversary of Cook's Landing. The ideas within our longer term vision aims have been canvassed with and submitted to local MHR Scott Morrison. These ideas from the community will be advanced in that Taskforce
    1. A replica of Old Sydney Town be built adjacent to Cook’s Landing Place and serviced by tall ships bringing tourists from Sydney Harbour.
    2. A Museum allied to and including local Aboriginal culture and art located near Captain Cook’s Landing Place
    3. Work with Scott Morrison 2020 Project Committee on ideas
  • An International Zoo & Night Safari: At this time we do not envisage pursuing this idea due to cost and location considerations. We may revisit at some future time.
  • An annual Indigenous Art & Culture Exhibition: This event will be developed in consultation with local aboriginal groups and there have been some preliminary meetings held. The aim is to have this exhibition held over a 2 week period every year. It is an idea that can be developed in conjunction with the Cook 2020 Taskforce but with an implementation date well before 2020.
  • Development of an International Standard Theatre in the Shire: After our Community Forum we have developed a position paper on the need for an International Standard Theatre for The Shire. The market and demand exists for such a facility. Our position paper has been submitted to the Upgrade Working Party Committee of Sutherland Shire Council. This group has been formed to look into options with the existing inadequate Sutherland Entertainment Centre. At a meeting May 2014 held at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre our views were put forward to Councillors and other users of the existing facility. This meeting was called to enable a form of architects to seek views for Council with the aim of preparing an options paper within 4 weeks for broader consideration by Council and further community consultation. It is apparent that the existing facility has many issues of concern for existing users and our submission calls for Council to make a once in a lifetime decision to construct a facility that would enable many areas of Sydney and other nearby regions, to visit The Shire and attend world class theatre and entertainment performances. We will continue with our plans in this regard and do have some other options available for discussion should Council make a decision that does not provide such a facility. After consultation Council sought input from a firm of architects on the various options and the indications are that there will be a significant investment made in the nature of the facility to be provided that appears to adopt many of the matters put forward by The Shire Futures' Project Inc. in our initial submission.