Business and Economic activity

Chair: Malcolm Kerr AOM

The Shire Futures' Project has ambitious plans to grow the Shire’s business sector that consists of a predominantly professional, managerial and trade based working community. 

The residents of the Shire are a career and business focussed group. Business and economic activity will be reviewed to promote the Shire as a place to work and invest, encouraging economic growth in the region. The Shire Futures' Project aims to support the Sutherland Shire Council’s promotion of business, with plans to re-introduce awards for sustainable development and assist small businesses.

The following short and long term initiatives are aimed at rekindling the region’s growth:

Short Term:
  • Form a Business Council & Network
  • Investigate the development of a Technology Park in The Shire
  • Reassess the relevance of an Economic Development Committee to facilitate economic growth, investment and job creation
  • Implement an Economic Development Committee at a State/Federal level.
  • Discuss ways to engage with and provide assistance to medium-sized business operations and seek to attract investment opportunities
  • Promote the economic importance of service based businesses and the Shire as an ideal place for such ventures
  • Greater celebration of business and innovative successes in the Shire
  • Encourage businesses to adopt the principles of Business Excellence 
  • Develop an economic calendar of events to inform local industry and businesses of initiatives and programs that are available for business growth
  • Develop local Benchmarking Networks that to help businesses learn and streamline their operations.
  • Reinstitute the Civic Design Awards, showing sustainable development in a positive light.
  • Investigate ways of lowering the costs of doing business in The Shire
  • Establish an integrated Shire-based Transport Strategy

As part of these actions, The Shire Futures’ Project has several members on a local business network called ShireBiz – this is in effect the Business Council body that we sought to form. As a part of these actions we have been involved in issues that involve:

  • Discussions on a Technology Park
  • Participation in an Advanced Manufacturing Forum
  • Working with ShireBiz on the issue of Tax Reform for SME’s

A paper of our thoughts for some innovative business ideas has been put forward for discussion by ShireBiz. As part of our actions we will look to engage with other network groups like SSHED, BEC, Southern Strength to promote best practice ideas.

Long Term Vision Aims:
  • Centralise the Government/ University offices to The Shire
  • Investigate opportunities to create a University Campus on the western fringe of The Shire.
  • Discuss proposed University with ANSTO to create investment and economic growth


ShireBiz is a Sutherland Shire  organisation, comprising leaders from both public and private sectors, who have a shared vision of developing business enterprises in Sydney's South, based on collaboration, innovation and partnership. You can visit the website here.