Sports and Leisure

Chair: Colleen Corkeron

Plans for sporting developments are aimed at engaging the 50,000 plus dependent children currently living in the Shire with events, improved funding and mentoring programs. The region is experiencing a decline in youth sport participation, so it is hoped that the establishment of a Sutherland Shire Sports Council and further engagement with parents and children will address this problem.

The Shire Futures' project has proposed the following to meet the present and forecasted sporting needs of the Shire:

Short Term:
  • Form a Sutherland Shire Sports Council

  • Undertake a SWOT analysis with development of appropriate strategies to address matters

  • Address five key areas of importance: coaching, facilities, funding & sponsorship, volunteering and events

  • Institute a central register of coaches

  • Address the lack of funds available to promote sports locally

  • Investigate ways to obtain additional media  coverage of junior sport

  • Seek use of school facilities after school hours

  • Investigate and slow the decline in youth sport participation, look at how factors like technology, cost, disengaged parents, drugs and alcohol impact this.

  • Analyse parents and alcohol at junior clubs

  • Collaborate with sporting bodies on issues like insurance and sporting uniforms

  • Support for the concept of a youth-based Mini Olympics event

  • Investigate scope for coaching/mentoring programs

There was a successful coaches mentoring forum held that addressed issues to do with participation and enjoyment of sport by young people. Local junior sports coaches were addressed by a panel of senior coaches at the elite level in sports. In conjunction with Bill Gilmour and his tennis complex at Miranda arrangements were made to enable the elderly & young mothers to have access to free tennis at the complex on specific days. The sports sub committee will be reconvening in January 2015 to address the items in the action plan. We are also planning to meet with Cronulla Sharks on their stated intention of developing a Centre of Sporting Excellence.

Long Term Vision Aims:
  • Develop Waratah Park as a Shire-based Centre of Sport and potential home to the Shire Sports Council
  • Ongoing support for the Centre of Excellence concept involving Cronulla High School, Sharks and Cronulla Water Polo Club