Youth and Education

Chair: Diana Lang

There are around 17,000 young people aged between 13 and 24 in the Sutherland Shire, an age bracket with very diverse needs. The Shire Futures' Project is looking to form a Youth Council to engage this vital part of the community as well as address issues of youth homelessness, bullying and security. Training and mentoring that ultimately help them find jobs is a key aspect of the plan to help youths grow into prosperous adults and members of the Shire, thereby continuing the Shire’s own growth.

Youth and education will be addressed with the following short and long term plans:

Youth Short Term:
  • Conference on Teen issues
  • Campaign to help keep buses and trains cleaner and safer
  • Form a Youth Council to reinforce the Voice of Youth
  • Greater promotion of Youth focused events/resources & services
Youth Long Term:
  • Address the growing issue of homeless youth
  • Youth counselling services on issues related to safe celebrating, responsible road use, drug and alcohol abuse, binge drinking, personal responsibility and bullying.
  • Youth seminars to provide job ideas
  • Implement training and mentoring for young people to help them get off the dole
  • Introduce youth friendly places throughout The Shire eg: Youth Halls & Drop in Centres where they can feel safe and supported.
  • Address growing levels of anti-social behaviour
Education Short Term:
  • Develop strategies to address the level of disengaged students in local high schools, especially Y 7-9
  • Greater promotion of trades/traineeships for young people
  • Community campaigns and activities to increase environmental awareness
  • Organise monthly activities for local students to help clean up the local community
  • Engage students further in arts and sports  programs in the curriculum
Education Long Term:
  • Support for University students, including a greater community support network to help these students with the pressure of study, costs,
  • Develop and promote mentoring programs for secondary and tertiary students as a developmental resource
Youth/Education Crossover Short Term:
  • Positive promotion of successful programs within local communities  
  • Support for youth with legal, health or juvenile justice system issues
  • Collaboration with 2SSR FM to increase youth access and their voice in the media
Youth/Education Crossover Long Term:
  • Counseling and mentoring programs run by Shire parents/professionals to support students underperforming at school.
  • Build a playground where local youths can learn all skills like driving a car, riding a surf board, skating, tennis, etc
  • Funding to provide disadvantaged young people to further their education/skill set