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Forum brought future to present

Spending on people left out of equation
By Belinda Connolly
KEN Marslew believes an increase in infrastructure without an increase in spending on social capital is dangerous.
The founder of Enough is Enough and committee member of Shire's Futures Project
said despite all the large-scale developments in the region, there was no mention of an increase in spending on people.
"We're inviting more people into the region but we need a police and welfare model aligned with a business model to look after them," he said.
"There is a lot more we can do in the shire: early intervention is the key but we're not seeing that happen."
An easy and inexpensive way of helping would be for emergency service personnel to distribute cards with a list of local welfare services, Mr Marslew said.
He said such information, distributed at crime scenes, should also be available to perpetrators and victims."
If we're going to stop this happening again, that guy needs to get some early intervention," he said. "We have one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the state but we put our heads in the sand."
Shire's Future Project committee member, Bob Birkhead, said drugs and alcohol, and mental health, were big problems in the region.
"There are so many other things we are investigating, it is a broad approach," he said . A lot of things are happening and it is very rewarding to be involved in. "We've developed specific long-term and short-term objectives and lin the area of] arts, culture and entertainment our long term vision is the establishment of an international standard arts hub."
Mr Birkhead said living in an ageing society meant it was important to combat feelings of isolation.
"The sense of community isn’t as strong asit used to be years ago," he said.                                           http://www.theleader.com.au/story/369493/forum-brought-future-to-present/