Wed, December 26th 2012 | News

Tourist spot tops ideas list

 THE shire's 3 Big Ideas have now become the 3-plus Big Ideas.


Earlier this year, Radio 2SSR launched the 3 Big Ideas initiative through the Leader, inviting residents to send in their ideas for making the shire better.

The response was overwhelming and the best ideas were discussed at the Shire Futures Forum of community leaders last September organised by former Cronulla MP Malcolm Kerr.

The organisers have since narrowed down the list to five long-term ideas to be pursued.

"These are the long-term aspirations of what we see as being good for the shire's future," 2SSR presenter and 3 Big Ideas organiser Bob Birkhead said.

Topping the list is the development of Kurnell as a tourist destination, focusing on the area as the birthplace of modern Australia.

"We would like to see a tourism destination similar to a replica of old Sydney town built adjacent to Cook's landing place," Mr Birkhead said.

"We would like to see Caltex totally removing its fuel storage facility at Kurnell and the site remediated and becoming an overseas passenger terminal.

"And we would look at a museum of Aboriginal culture and art to be at Kurnell."

Organisers will talk to Cook MP Scott Morrison to see if some of these ideas can be incorporated into the Kurnell 2020 plan for the 250th anniversary of Cook's landing.

The second big idea for the shire is the development of a major international-standard theatre complex with seating for 500 to 600 to stage international theatre and exhibitions.

Third is the development of four major community service and welfare hubs for the shire at Cronulla, Sutherland, Menai and Engadine. These would be "one-stop shops" for services catering for youth to the aged, Mr Birkhead said.

"Central to this would also be a youth drop-in centre. One of the things that came out of the forum was that youth feel totally excluded," Mr Birkhead said.

"We want to establish somewhere where the kids can feel secure and safe."

Fourth is the formation of a body to administer and co-ordinate the needs of sporting groups, community organisations, business and youth groups.

"There are some great community networks out there. We hope to link them and expand them to other organisations," Mr Birkhead said.


Finally, the organisers want an online community services registry that details all services available in the shire.

A website for the 3-plus Big Ideas will be launched in March.